Apple orhards


Giaginskaya Stanitsa

460 hectares total area of gardens

1150 hectares prospective area of gardens

8 varieties of apples



4,500 tons - harvest of 2017.

Intensive technologies of gardening

Wholesale and retail sales

Axis Agro is an agricultural project that has its roots going back to 2012 — it was then that the company's specialists planted their first tree. Time passed and the tree bore fruit: our engineers have mastered new methods of farming and have grown as specialists themselves.

So what is growth? For Axis Agro it is the meaning of the company's existence, the meaning of each employee’s work. The growth of professional skills and production, the growth of trees that we planted and, most importantly, the growing quality of our products. That’s why we get up and come to work each morning. That’s why one day we will become the best agricultural enterprise in the south of Russia.

In the orhards of Axis Agro we use the best of what the agricultural science gave us. We have created the most up-to-date orhard in Russia and we are continuing to develop it.

We know how to achieve the results and what needs to be done:

— in the end of 2016 Axis Agro will begin building the first section of its agricultural complex. In the summer of 2017 it will allow us to independently sort, store and package our products, and to produce juices.

— Within five years we will have grown the largest orhard in Russia.

Axis Agro is an agricultural company: but even though we have are roots in the ground — we only look up, not down. That’s why our plans are realistic and achievable. That’s why we are confident about what will happen tomorrow.

Giaginskaya Stanitsa