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Nol Odin Outdoor

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Major advertising operator in the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea


More than 500 advertising surfaces

Night lights

The "Nol Odin Outdoor" company is engaged in outdoor advertising in the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea: not only does it place ads, but it also creates them. If a client has only an idea of ​​an ad, our designers will turn this idea into a finished ad layout and the printing department will print it.

The "Nol Odin Outdoor" database has more than 500 advertising surfaces, all of which are illuminated 24/7: by the sun in the day and by lighting at night.

The "Nol Odin Outdoor" website facilitates the work of both the advertiser and the agency manager. It is a tool that helps a customer from any city to quickly and easily place an outdoor ad in the Krasnodar region and Adygea. The website shows the availability, location and quantity of surfaces — therefore, the customer always chooses the optimal placement of ads. Outdoor advertising with "Nol Odin Outdoor" is the way to go to reach your target audience.


Surface types: billboard, supersize billboard, rotating three-side billboard, scrolling billboard
Sizes: 3x6 m, 4x12 m, 5x15 m
Filling a lease application: directly on the website