The BoxParking company is engaged in modern parking solutions: mechanical parking systems and car elevators. Automatic parking systems make efficient use of the available space, greatly increasing the number of vehicles placed in it.

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The Bank is the main creditor of the Russian economy and has the largest market share in deposits. It accounts for 46.4% of the household deposits, 34.7% of loans to individuals and 33.9% of loans to legal entities.

In Russia alone Sberbank has more than 110 million customers — more than half of the country’s population — and abroad its services are used by about 11 million people.

Among the clients of Sberbank there are more than 1 million businesses (from 4.5 million registered legal entities in Russia). The bank provides its services to all groups of corporate clients, and the share of small and medium size companies accounts for more than 35% of the corporate loan portfolio. The remaining part are loans to major corporate clients.

Банк ВТБ (ПАО) — системообразующий финансовый институт, являющийся ключевым звеном банковской группы ВТБ. По объему нетто-активов и по размеру совокупного кредитного портфеля Банк ВТБ (ПАО) занимает вторую позицию среди банков, действующих в России.

 Ключевые направления деятельности — работа с корпоративными клиентами и финансовыми организациями, включая государственные структуры и предприятия. В мае 2016 года, после завершения процесса интеграции Банка Москвы, в ВТБ было образовано отдельное розничное направление — «ВТБ Банк Москвы», включающее в себя обслуживание клиентов — физических лиц и представителей малого бизнеса. 

 В развитии розничного направления ВТБ Банк Москвы делает особый акцент на внедрении инновационных, высокотехнологичных продуктов и сервисов. В настоящее время ВТБ Банк Москвы насчитывает более 9 млн частных клиентов и около 100 тыс. представителей малого бизнеса.

Ruport creative agency is a recognized regional leader in the fields of branding and creative advertising. Communication strategies and advertising campaigns developed in Ruport are valued by their clients for originality and effectiveness. The agency works since 2001.

Having extensive experience in offline and online marketing, Rutorika digital agency creates complex in design, yet simple-to-use websites and mobile applications.

Rosselkhozbank is a special state agricultural Agrobank, with 100% of the shares owned by the Government of Russia. It is headquartered in Moscow. In 2012 the bank had 78 affiliates and 1519 offices.

The bank was established pursuant to the Decree of the then acting Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 15, 2000, to support the development of agriculture and agro-industry.

Russian Agricultural Bank is ranked No. 262 by Tier 1 capital in the World Top-1000 bank rating according to the July 2015 issue of The Banker magazine.

In 2006-2007, the Agricultural Bank has been an active participant of the priority national project "Development of agriculture», and since 2008 has started to implement the objectives of the State program of agricultural development and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2008-2012 .

In 2009, the Samara branch of Rosselkhozbank took over the debts of all the assets of Group Alicor, a major agricultural holding based in Samara.

For the FY2015, with 5,9 millions of clients, total assets for 3,22 billion of US$ against 2,95 billion US$ of liabilities, is without doubts, one of the major and solid players in the Russian market.