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Gala in full swing!

August 30, 2017

When you bite an apple of the grade "gala", the rest of the world seems bleak. It is very juicy and sweet, a large and bright variety. A special pleasure is to eat fruit straight from the branch. For AXIS Agro it is common practice: fruits are environmentally friendly and safe, neither inside nor outside there are no foreign impurities. Observing strict horticultural technologies, agronomists manage to grow a quality crop without chemical treatments. An exception is the treatment of trees from insects.

"Galu" in AXIS Agro began to gather on August 18. For ten days of work, 400 tons of apples were removed, packaged and sent to the fruit storage. In total in 2017 AXIS Agro will deposit 3500 tons of apples of different varieties. Among them are "Renet Simerenko", "Golden Delicious", "Grani Smith", "Idared" and others.

It's just those apples that people call "winter ones". They can be stored in the refrigerator for months and do not lose their taste. The main condition of long storage is the correct collection.

While the midday heat is not yet so cruel, the assemblers are in the aisle. Apples from the lower branches gather in bags on the shoulders of workers. And the tops are processed from moving platforms. Despite the fact that all processes in the gardens of AXIS Agro are maximally automated, harvesting is done manually.

"There has not yet been invented a mechanized way to harvest the table apples. Yes, there are special machines, but they are only for technical grades. We also need to keep the apple in absolute integrity. To the skin is not rubbed, not damaged, not scratched. If the apple fell to the ground - everything, it is no longer suitable for sale, - Viktor Harpov, the chief agronomist of AXIS Agro, comments on harvesting.

Workers carefully "twist" each apple in such a way that the stem does not stay on the branch, and went to the bag with the fruit. The boxes for transportation inside are smoothly ground. This is done so that during transportation, the rough surface of the tree does not damage the apples. By the way, before harvesting, all the roads in the farm were aligned with the grader, so that the boxes did not shake on the potholes.

The yield of trees in a 5-year-old garden averaged 40 tonnes per hectare. The yield of a young garden (2 years) is 12-15 t / ha.


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