Est Axis — est motus

If there is an axis — There is motion

Est Axis —
est motus

If there is an axis, there is motion — this is the key principle of the AXIS company group. Following this principle, we are constantly discovering new promising areas of activity: advertising, real estate, agriculture, industry.

Based on the only thing that stays the same — the changeability of the world itself — we continuously gain momentum and open new horizons, providing reliable support for our customers and partners.

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About us

AXIS Group comprises different business areas, all of which share the same three traits.

The first trait: aspired to become the best company in its field.

"First, you become aware of your imperfections; you face the real life. You begin to work and get lucky — you understand what you need to change about yourself. You work for a company and work on yourself. As a result you grow, until other people's business feels small for you. You open a new door and create your first company."

The second trait: effective management model.

"As a business owner, you see imperfection very differently. It is there, in the details, and the room for improvement is huge. For what is progress if not overcoming other people's mistakes? Personal vision becomes a management model, principles become actions. In the interaction between the business and the market the management model continues to improve until it gets close to the ideal. Then comes the time to open several new doors at once."

The third trait: owner’s personality.

"Operating a group of companies comes from the aspiration to realize your vision in different fields. A single dream is never enough: the more you dream, the more you move the world forward. The desire to improve becomes even stronger when you realize that you can improve the world and yourself infinitely."